Hybridlab makes photographer's eProducts profitable and easy, by doing the heavy lifting. Hybridlab builds eProducts from eTemplates. Just upload source files you created for your project, and we will deliver back your completed video. Go create great images and video. We'll take care of the rest.
So if you would like to jump in and start making eProducts, head on over to  and buy a template. The kit comes with great educational videos that will walk you through the process from start to finish. 
Advantages of our eTemplate Processing
    • No need to learn editing software (no custom editing)
    • Save valuable time not siting in front of your computer producing eProducts. You don't print your own pictures do you?
    • Present and deliver eProducts professorially.See example here 
    • Integrated with your account or post at myecard
    • Pricing: Production of eProduct Original $10 
This is per original. Once the eProduct is produced, we deliver the hi-res version. Optimized versions for a particular device are available for $5 customers get optimized versions for free tat can be downloaded once eproducts are posted on


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